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De Bijenkorf Utrecht Restaurant by i29 interior architects

Following up the first successful collaboration, the Artist in Residence Room On The Roof in Amsterdam, i29 interior architects now realized the design of restaurant ‘The Kitchen’ for De Bijenkorf Utrecht, a high quality department store offering an extraordinary customer experience. A masterplan by Rijnboutt Architects optimized the complete department store including a new facade and brand new top floor, where the restaurant is positioned.

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Modern Restaurant by Cult of Design

The restaurant’s interior was designed by Cult of Design for the most comfortable stay of visitors Sophisticated restaurant design – the key to successful work. Open facility where visitors could not only eat but also to relax, and communicate with each other – responsible task.

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Tolstyi&Tonkiy restaurant by YoDezeen

The interior design process resembles to an interactive game – each properly selected and combined interior element is equal to right game steps. Interior of Tolstiy&Tonkiy designed by YoDezeen is a game of lights and shadows, past and present, simplicity and elegance.

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Casa Nori by YoDezeen

Kiev restaurant Casa Nori was designed by YoDezeen and inaugurated in Kiev not so far and will definitely become a new discovery among Ukrainian restaurants and probably not only Ukrainian. It will be operating in the format of Cicchetteria – arisen in Venice of the 19th century gastronomical locations where the protagonists of menu have been various sorts of wine and local types of snacks.

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Charlie Pizza restaurant by In Arch

Charlie Pizza by is a new restaurant project designed by In Arch and is located in Kaunas, Lithuania.


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Les Algues Chill and drinks by Dom Arquitectura

Les Algues Chill and drinks is a project designed by Dom Arquitectura, the aim of the project is to renovate and repurpose the first floor of Roses’ ‘Hotel Maritim’, in a ‘tapas’ and drinks bar.

Les Algues Chill and drinks by Dom Arquitectura 01

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Mario by Andrey Polienko

The Italian restaurant «Mario» is a project designed by Andrey Polienko in 2016 located in located in the city of Brest, on the first floor of the «Diagonal» business center. The concept was to create a format of «family cafe».

Mario by Andrey Polienko 01

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GASTROPORT is a loft restaurant designed by ALLARTSDESIGN and is located in Perm, Russia.


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Lingenhel by destilat

Shop, bar, restaurant and cheese dairy – the project “Lingenhel” designed by destilat is very unique and was therefore quite an extraordinary challenge. The visual and spatial identity for Johannes Lingenhel’s culinary-gastronomic vision was developed from scratch for this project, since no corresponding definition of it existed initially.

Lingenhel by destilat 01

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Geiorgian Restaurant ‘KUVSHYN’ in Kiev by YoDezeen

This restaurant designed by YoDezeen has already gained popularity among fans of Caucasian cuisine, despite what its owners has taken the decision to update it’s current look to make the locality more attractive to the clients.

Geiorgian Restaurant 'KUVSHYN' in Kiev by YoDezeen 01

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