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Monastero by noa* network of architecture

To restore the majestic power and spiritual dimension of an old monastic centre and make its most distinctive elements the main features of a unique and charming hotel, was the mission pursued by noa* in the project to renovate the Monastery Serve di Maria Addolorata in the centre of Arco, situated at the northern tip of Lake Garda. This noble complex with its’ extensive garden, is encompassed by a high surrounding wall and dates all the way back to the second half of the 17th century. Half of the Monastery building, which also hosts a church and cloister, where nuns continue to live, has been left untouched and in 2020 work on the hotel project began in close collaboration with the Trento Office of Cultural Heritage. Photography by Alex Filz, Andrea Dal Negro.

©AlexFilz . Monastero


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