BC1 Apartment by ARTCH

BC1 Apartment is a project designed by ARTCH is located in Punta Cancún, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. It was born as a new and totally personalized social space with large areas to interact in groups, or in a more intimate way, but always in a cozy atmosphere where luxury is all you feel. Photography by Oscar Hernández.

Among the materials used, wood plays a leading role serving as a unifying element, while white marble provides its characteristic freshness with the large-format slabs spread throughout the apartment floor, contrasting with the lambrines of black slate and wood that accentuate and/or divide the spaces, being the golden and black tones in decorative, latticework and art, those that complement the design.

In the fan-shaped structure of the building, four large spaces are distributed between the axes, along them -with ocean view-, the different uses of the architectural program are distributed.

Art is crucial in the composition and design of this apartment, which is why artwork is distributed throughout all areas with directed lighting for their contemplation improving the interaction with the user.

BC1 is a mixture of sophistication and elegance with comfort, providing a welcoming environment for different shades of social conviviality. A home where the family lives in harmony and well-being, creating unforgettable experiences.

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