Zoé Apartment by Angá Arquitetura

Zoé Apartment is a project designed by Angá Arquitetura. “The word Zoé comes from the Greek meaning “LIFE”. Its meaning carries with it a sense of vivacity, of one who lives life with joy and intensity. We sought to transform the apartment into a home. We translated the residents’ desires and needs into architecture and created environments that brought functionality and warmth, serving as a stage for new stories and memories to come.” Photography by Carolina Lacaz.


“We made some modifications to the original plan to meet the needs of the young couple. We wanted to bring integration and a sense of openness to the spaces. After all, they host family and friends often. With the new layout, we made the kitchen bigger, making it more practical and pleasant to work in. Another important change was the positioning of the laundry space. This made it possible to create a more inviting space for the office and make the most of the view from the balcony.
The choice of finishes for the project was guided by practicality and by light and neutral tones. Colorful pieces appear on focus points, bringing grace and personality to the project.”

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