Appleton by Minarc

Appleton is a residential house designed by Minarc and is located in Venice, California, USA.

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The house is oriented so that all of the rooms can enjoy the outdoor living area which includes Pool, outdoor dinning / bbq and play court. It’s orientation is thought out to maximize passive solar design and natural ventilations, with solar chimney escaping hot air during summer and heating cold air during winter eliminated the need for mechanical air handling.Simple Eco-conscious design that is focused on functionality and creating a healthy breathing family environment.
The design elements are oriented to take optimum advantage of natural light and cross ventilation.Maximum use of natural light to cut down electrical cost.Interior/exterior courtyards allows for natural ventilation as do the master sliding window and living room sliders.Conscious effort in using only materials in their most organic form. Solar thermal radiant floor heating through-out the house.
Heated patio and fireplace for outdoor dining maximizes indoor/outdoor living. The entry living room has glass to both sides to further connect the indoors and outdoors.Floor and ceiling materials connected in an unobtrusive and whimsical manner to increase floor plan flow and space.
Magnetic chalkboard sliders in the play area and paperboard sliders in the kids’ rooms transform the house itself into a medium for children’s artistic expression.Material contrasts (stone, steal, wood etc.) makes this modern home warm and family friendly.
Photos by Minarc