Kutuzovskaya Riviera 2 by Geometrix

This black and white interior designed by Geometrix is the embodiment of minimalism and graphics. Clear lines, the game of reflections and refractions, the contrast of materials-the interior changes only need to change the viewpoint.

In the hallway behind the mirrored panels the storage system is hidden, and the stone’s pattern, thanks to the mirror, is folded into an elegant butterfly.
The living room is combined with the kitchen and dining room, thanks to this method it was possible to save the scale of the room. The wall on the left is divided into 3 zones: behind the black glasses the shelves are hidden from below and from above, the white part serves as a decorative background. The home theater zone is an illusion! The TV is built-in behind the black glass, and when the TV is off, the entire wall plays the role of a black and white architectural composition. From the private area, the living room is separated by a glass black door, which completes the image of the living room
The kitchen is logically separated from the living room by a bar area. The facades made of hpl-plastic contrast perfectly with natural black marble.
The private zone consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom and a study. Panoramic windows overlooking the city have the advantage of being comfortable in a chair with a cup of coffee.
In the main bedroom a bed, bedside tables and leather panels on the wall are made according to the sketches of the authors of the project. Behind a tinted mirror is a wardrobe.
In the office, the wall behind the desk is decorated with a stone with integrated light profiles
Much attention is paid to the lighting schemes: their diversity allows you to change the mood of the interior and set the functional settings (cinema, guests, evening, etc.)

Authors of the project: Miroshkin Michael, Miroshkina Ellen (Geometrix Design)
Architect: Gorodkov Alexey
Photographer: Kamachkin Alexander

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