Daily Archives: October 23, 2017

Ferry Road by Blaze Makoid Architecture

The challenge for this 7,500 square foot home on a two acre, waterfront lot in North Haven was to create a design that would take full advantage of the views across Sag Harbor to the southeast, while drawing late day sun through the house and onto multiple outdoor entertaining spaces as long as possible. Blaze Makoid Architecture achieved this by creating a glass cube at the center of the home that serves as the living room and affords views from the driveway straight through to the bay. For a low-maintenance exterior, Makoid used teak as a soft, but durable material that ages well and creates a casual, beachy look. He selected limestone with a matte powdered finish, rather than a veined look. The limestone was sliced and laminated repeatedly, allowing for a flexible material which exceeds the area’s hurricane codes.

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