The Albany by RKD Architects

The Albany is a project designed by RKD Architects, covers an area of 455 m2 and is located in Dublin, Ireland. Photography by Ste Murray.

In the front lawn of a Regency villa, the new home is a modernist pavilion, re-interpreting the seaside villa. Visually distinct, utilising an eclectic mix of materials and interventions to navigate its spectacular aspect, the design is deferential to its surrogate neighbour. Recessed to one corner of the site, the existing residence retains views through the site and Howth beyond, while the new structure frames new vistas across Dublin Bay.

The site has been considerably lowered, forming a garden of seclusion and privacy, accessible from all bedrooms. The upper level is transparent, open plan and sub-divisible, continually retaining a visual relationship to the sea. A reinforced concrete frame frees the fa├žade, crafted from a seamless ribbon of glass across main upper floor elevations, floating above a ground floor plinth reminiscent of the seawall and evokes the Martello towers along the coastline.

Our client was determined to have a home that would be modern and timeless, yet sympathetic to its context, the first new buildings along the Monkstown promenade in 150 years. The building is a seamless amalgamation of natural materials and craftsmanship, modern amenities and renewable technologies.

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