Agrotourism in Melgaço by Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos

Agrotourism in Melgaço is a project designed by Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos in 2016 covers an area of 621.35 sqm and is located in Melgaço, Portugal. Photography by Juan Rodriguez.

A property composed of a house in ruins, cultivation land, vineyards and a pine forest. The clients intend to recover and augment the house in order to develop an agricultural/rural tourism accommodation, and also build a winery and wine tasting area, as they are producers.
The expansion will result on a new volume in dialogue and similar relation as the existing one, next to the existent stone wall bellow. The volume is repeated, respecting the scale and tradition; at the recovered volume one will keep the granit walls and same roof tiles, the new volume reinvests himself with a contemporary materiality that enriches this dialogue. The interior finishes of both houses, in contrat with the harshness of the exterior, will be in wood.
Between the two volumes is created a green leisure area that corresponds to the green roof of the winery and wine tasting area, a volumetrically imperceptible volume, only denounced by the big opening on the stone wall that allows a view towards the vineyard and the existent water line.
The proposal provides a better relation since the entrance of the plot, with the vineyards to one side and the two volumes that frame and value the existent terraces, which we intend to enhance and recover according to their original features.

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