Filigrad by Geometrium

Filigrad is a project designed by Geometrium, covers an area of 36 m2 and is located in Moscow, Russia.

The flat is 36 m2, situated in Filigrad residential estate. A client is a young woman, 31 years old. Initially the flat is designed for living and then, it possibly be lent for one person or for spouses.
The client request was to create bright space without vivid colors and elements and to combine natural materials in the interior (wood, marble). We were asked to minimize number of furniture in the flat and save space intimation.
All unnecessary items were planned to be taken away into the wardrobes, the storage systems should be of closed type, so that anything will irritate the eye.
Functionally we left one big area (kitchen – living room) and separated sleeping area. Also, we did separate bathroom with washroom and shower and as well, we left entrance hall. For finishing materials, we used herringboned massive planks, marble imitating porcelain tile, natural marble, veneer MDF and black and white flat wall paint. These materials are repeated across all rooms for visual combining the whole space of the apartment.

Photography courtesy of Geometrium

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