Urban Apartment Renovation by AD ARCHITECTURE

The project is a retrofitted apartment located in Houhai Area, Shenzhen, China. The original space reflected the client’s affection for Chinese-style design and wooden furniture. As approaching the project, AD ARCHITECTURE intended to break through the traditional design aesthetics and the sense of massiveness. Photography by Ouyang Yun

The designers strove to incorporate contemporary elements into the design, inject a Zen ambience into the space in a logic manner, as well as deconstruct and reorganize spatial elements, so as to generate an austere and elegant Oriental aesthetic and showcase the contemporary concept of “affordable luxury”. In addition, they brought integrated smart home system, light control system, constant temperature, humidity and oxygen control system and as well as noise-free system into the space, aiming to provide a healthy and quality living environment.
Situated on a high floor of a residential building, the apartment enjoys a panoramic view of the nearby Sihai Park. Living in this space is a peaceful, graceful, comfortable and relaxing experience.
The overall interior design is presented in combination with experience of life, reflection on culture and in-depth spiritual pursuit. The warm neutral tone and the wooden texture complement each other, generating tactile warmth in the space.
The designers utilized lines and wooden blocks to shape the space, and created a smooth circulation route. From the public area to private spaces, the interior structures are as few as possible, so as to let the space return to its pureness, simplicity and low profile. The furniture integrates traditional woodwork spirit and modern aesthetics, and generates unique Chinese-style charm together with the backdrop marble wall featuring ink and wash patterns. A variety of contemporary sculptures and retro ornaments can be seen in the living room, making the space vivid and inspiring.
In the dining room, modern design style well matches with the solid wooden furniture, injecting natural appeal and a warm ambience into the space. The interior design not only satisfies the client’s preference for Oriental culture but only showcases a contemporary aesthetic.
The master bedroom is characterized by walls finished in wood, restrained and soft color palette, quality furniture, and a French window. The interior design is simplistic, producing a warm and comfortable environment for sleeping.
The two walk-in closets use open wooden clothes shelves, as well as austere wooden floorings with natural textures and warm tone, in order to fit into the client’s living habits.
Project name: Shenzhen Tianhai Haojingyuan Type C Apartment
Designed firm: AD ARCHITECTURE
Chief designer: Xie Peihe
Construction team: AD CONSTRUCTION
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Area: 205㎡
Main materials: marble, wooden flooring, fabric wall covering, white latex paint, KD board, ultra-clear glass, metal
Start time: March 2018
Completion time: December 2018

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