Iong House is a project designed by TN ARQUITETURA. It is in the convergence between ancient tradition and current technology that Japanese architecture is found, where tradition composes the ambient with the permanence of the oldest habits and customs and the technology presented in a minimalist way, enhancing the surroundings. photography by Eduardo Macarios.


Combining innovation, quality, originality and color, the Iong House project stands out right at the entrance with a “blue box” that prepares the visitor, leaving the highlight for the living room. In the center is a bookcase for objects and books that divides the space following the double height. A circular cellar is the main protagonist of this space, its mixture of colors and shapes ensures personality and boldness so desired by the client.

The dining space is integrated with the gourmet kitchen, which has a brushed finish and hidden appliances. The dinner turns pink and has a cabinet all designed by the office, made in the old marquetry technique, rescuing this work so used in the past, and which has a lot of historical value.

On the upper floor, the room is highlighted with an important oriental element, the dragon, present with great strength in the wallpaper. It translates everything that was initially thought of in the apartment and from it other elements such as the headboard screen and the colors chosen for the bed linen, were defined.

Following this more oriental and dark footprint, the master bathroom was designed in a way to imagine being in a spa. The chosen coating has a pleasant texture and gives the feeling of an oasis.

For the guest room and office, the same straw line as the master bedroom was followed, mixing colors and symbols used for the whole apartment concept.
In short, the apartment is the perfect result between the marriage of the client’s strong personality and the creativity of the architecture firm in translating it in the best possible way, in a unique and special way. Each detail, each composition, each color and each object was designed exclusively for the space in order to result in a rich and harmonic composition.

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