Apartamento ALM by Pedro Haruf Arquiteto

Apartamento ALM is a project designed by Pedro Haruf Arquiteto. To contemplate an expanding family, the proposal of this apartment was based on the use of solutions with free plants for the fluidity of spaces and integration of environments. Photography by Dentro Fotografia.


The living room includes the home theater with a large gap between the equipment and the sofa, accompanied by a small sitting next to the island fireplace and the built-in balcony, which houses a small garden and the glass curtain fence exalts the spaciousness offered by the definitive view of the city.

Then dinner, the central area of the project, is given to the apartment’s suites, and connects the barbecue area and the kitchen, renovated to adapt to the needs of the family.

Highlight for the daughter’s room that follows Montessori precepts, with a method for the child’s sensorial and independent development in developing their skills.

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