Hasenrainstrasse by KOHLERSTRAUMANN

Hasenrainstrasse is a project designed by KOHLERSTRAUMANN. “Understanding the site’s context and topography was key to incorporate the minimalistic design with the surrounding.” Photography by Maris Mezulis.


„concrete offers a distinctive rough aesthetic“
– our facade emphasizing the tones, textures, and surfaces that shape the concrete mixture with the wooden texture market in the concrete-

„between concrete and glas something romantic is happening“

“Raw and natural materials shaping unique layouts of apartments all with a main goal to enhance the view towards Basel-City”

text @Designboom

KOHLERSTRAUMANN unveils a contemporary seven-unit ‘hasenrainstrasse’ apartment complex within binningen, a peaceful neighborhood just a short walk from basel. situated on the curve of the hill, the environment offers 180-degree uninterrupted views to the basel cityscape. built in response to the contours and topography, the apartment offers a unique structure that appears lower from street ground level reflecting the neighborhood setting.

the minimalist apartment building is expressed with a unique modern style and an innovative design concept that reflects the low-rise developments in the neighborhood. the architects faced numerous challenges with the site topography, excavation, form, and neighborhood context.

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