Apartamento Ceppo by Meireles Pavan arquitetura

Apartamento Ceppo is a project designed by Meireles Pavan arquitetura.  in the noble neighborhood of Jardins in São Paulo, this apartment had as its main concept the use of exclusive and rustic materials bringing a modern result and at the same time comfortable for owners and guests. Photography by Fran Parente.


In the entrance hall an art gallery was created where the main protagonist was the marble Ceppo di Gre, used for the first time in Brazil, both on the floor and on the ceiling, bringing a sensation to the visitor of entering in a “cave”. To compose, the pivoting doors are coated in natural banana straw. For the appreciation of the art works, were used easels by Lina Bo Bardi, the Italian Brazilian architect responsible for one of the most important projects in the city, MASP (São Paulo Art Museum). During the length of the apartment, there is a delicate wooden of dyed European oak lining to give prominence and warmth to the residents.
All decorating furniture has been carefully customized with fabrics and finishes to deepen the desire for a warm and comfortable environment requested by the customers. The painting of the walls, also bring the idea of the same feeling to visitors and the integrated balcony with large sliding doors brings a greater extension of the rooms.
The kitchen was designed to perform a variety of functions such as daily chores and to receive friends for an eventual gourmet dinner.
On the opposite side of the kitchen we have the home theater integrated with the couple’s wine cellar, which keeps a huge selection of wines acquired on trips around the world.

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