Apartamento Benedito by Meireles Pavan arquitetura

The Benedito apartment designed by Meireles Pavan arquitetura is located in the bustling Itaim Bibi district, in São Paulo, Brazil. With a minimalist approach, the challenge for the architects was to create a young and relaxed apartment that reflected the very welcoming owner’s attitude. Photography by Fran Parente.


For a couple who love having friends and family over, the main solution was to integrate all the social spaces of the apartment: the social areas such as the hall, living and dining room, as well as the kitchen ended up in a unique and intimate area where everything is connected . To reinforce a differentiated architectural approach, the rounded lining used to “embrace” a large beam, brings light and a cozy harmony to the space. The kitchen, on the other hand, communicates with a long open space that can be closed off by sliding doors. The furniture was chosen to give the apartment a more contemporary yet cozy vibe.

The wood with round details was designed to be clean and functional, following the apartment’s architectural concept. This minimalist approach is present in all of the studio’s projects: neutral colors, open spaces and as little decoration as possible. The use of materials such as marble with a terrazzo grout was chosen to fulfill the owner’s request, for a more discreet and elegant design.

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