Apartamento KT by Schuchovski Arquitetura

Apartamento KT is a project designed by Schuchovski Arquitetura. Comfort and practicality were guiding aspects for the interior design of this 140m2 apartment located in the Ecoville district, in Curitiba. Developed for customers who enjoy spending time at home and gathering family and friends, the light tones and natural finishes such as travertine and wood were chosen to create a bright and welcoming environment, in a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere. Photography by Eduardo Macarios.


Customers’ taste for cooking and playing host to friends and family led to the decision to remove the walls in the kitchen, integrating the space into the dining area and thus bringing more practicality to serve their daily needs. The TV room and barbecue area are important spaces for the house and therefore receive special attention, enhanced by furniture that conveys originality and delicacy. Wood is the protagonist, brought in light tones and in slatted panels that provide unity to the spaces and envelop the cabinet doors that provide ample storage areas. In a sophisticated way, these panels also frame a dressall that stands out the Artefacto buffet. In the TV room, the attention is drawn to the Natuzzi retractable sofa which, when retracted, transmits charm and joy, but when opened, provides all the necessary comfort to enjoy moments of leisure with the family. A wide frame that integrates the internal area to the gourmet balcony is covered by a blind that opens in layers, by Hunter Douglas, enhancing the view and the integration of spaces.
The master suite follows the aesthetics of the rest of the apartment, also bringing light and earthy tones, as well as a slatted panel on the bed wall, reinforcing the sophisticated and cozy identity of the house. In this space, the headboard stands out, signed by Artefacto, which provides comfort and creates a welcoming atmosphere for the room, dialoguing with the tones of the rest of the home. Closet and bathroom also follow the same line, free of excesses. In the daughter’s suite, shades of pink mix with wood, creating a playful and welcoming universe. On the bench, the circular mirror converses with the shapes created by the headboard, breaking with the orthogonality of the rest of the house.
The contemporary and minimalist style used in this project creates, in this way, a welcoming and practical home to optimize the routine and moments of leisure and rest for the family, creating a refuge for its residents in the apartment.

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