Rediscovering a House by Felipe de Almeida

A 430m² house that was abandoned and closed for over six years in São Paulo was the scenario found by Felipe de Almeida Studio. In its development, it was necessary to revitalize it to bring back its soul and new stories, without losing its architectural identity, but updating it to a more modern and cozy living. Photography by Evelyn Müller.


With the premise that the blue color couldn´t be missing, already in the initial phase it was suggested the creation of a blue kitchen, in an intense and prominent blue – an idea that led the kitchen space to win the ABD (Associação Brasileira de Design de Interiores) award for the best use of the color in 2020.

The architectural party consisted in respecting the existing construction and its history. From the beginning it was necessary to take care with the restoration of several items, such as the floor, the moldings, baseboards, doors, all to preserve the style of the property.

The moodboard was born in synergy with the house’s architecture, more American, and everything was thought to warm up and break a little of this style by consolidating a better balance between the American way of living (in the architecture) and the coziness of Brazilian and European houses (in the interior design).

Project: Rediscovering a House
Interior Design: Estúdio Felipe de Almeida
Year: 2019
Place: São Paulo, Brazil
Photography: Evelyn Müller

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