Bauhaus House by U+A

Bauhaus-style private house designed by U+A with a steady and orderly rhythm, a lot of white, art and music. The people who live in this house are music enthusiasts and formal cleanliness on the one hand, and on the other hand are naturalists who love wild and pristine scenery. Photography by Eran Turgeman.


Our first goal in this project was to create a home without sharp transitions to make a visual silence like a pleasant melody and make a soft connection between the spaces.
Our second goal was to make a contrast between clean modern volume and natural, wild volume – which connects to the forest landscape.
We wanted to express the seemingly opposite personalities of the tenants through the design of their home in the different landscape….
And in the same breath, to emphasize the landscape and not to “steal” the true beauty through our design. So we left a clean, white,-Bahaus style house design that only frames the landscape.

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