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Hill Country Modern by Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction.

Hill Country Modern was constructed by Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction and is located in one of the most preserved places in Austin, Texas. This classic home is exquisitely decorated, combining rusticity with sophistication, and creating an individualistic design that is nevertheless classic and timeless.

Hill Country Modern by Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction 01

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Reed Residence by Robert Hawkins Architects.

The Reed Residence was designed by Robert Hawkins Architects and is located in Elkins Meadow subdivision, two miles from downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA.

Reed Residence by Robert Hawkins Architects 01

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HUF-HOUSE, modern timber-frame architecture.

Experience the innovation and beauty of our timber-frame architecture in your own unique home. Create your dream house – designed and tailor-built according to your wishes, to the highest quality, energy efficient and ready to move in to on the day you planned.  The ultimate symbiosis of wood and glass – we have retained its distinctive, enduring character that enriches life in so many ways. http://www.huf-haus.com/en/home.html