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Apartment renovation by Beri Estudio

This renovation of an appartment is a project designed by Beri Estudio. “We carry out the renovation and design of this apartment located near the modern Palau de Congressos in Valencia, Spain. The whole house is projected in neutral tones, with some points of color in blue. Our customers love the aquarium. So we incorporated a fish tank integrated into the living room that gives design and color to the living room of the house. The living room, dining room and corridor occupy the same space, however wooden latticework was designed to differentiate the three spaces. On the other hand, the kitchen, being a small space, was chosen for smooth furniture and with push-pull handles. Finally, artificial lighting was used as an element of decoration that added warmth and comfort.”

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Country house renovation by MIDE architetti

This country house renovation is a project designed by MIDE architetti and covers an area of 320 m2. The project site involves an old country house, built in 1887 in the immediate neighborhood of Lucca and a most recent farmhand’s cottage.

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LOFT Renovation by MIDE architetti

This loft Renovation is a project designed by MIDE architetti, covers an area of 160 m2 and is located in Padua, Italy.

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Tuscan Villa Renovation by Archidomus Atelier

This is a classic Tuscan villa recently restored with sophisticated simplicity. For the renovation of this historic building the architects from Archidomus Atelier, Monica Rossi and Claudio Cencetti, have used materials that will maintain and enhance its typical characteristics to give the villa charming and simultaneously contemporary expression. The beautiful supporting ceiling beams have been carefully sandblasted and restored at their original glory to create a home charming in the minimalistic modern decor. The solidity of the used materials, the spirit of time past that can be felt in the premises and the simple elegance of the more modern additions composes a very inviting and stylish space to inhabit.

Tuscan Villa Renovation by Archidomus Atelier 01

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Moorenweis by Buero Philipp Moeller

Moorenweis is a farmhouse renovation project designed in 2013 by Buero Philipp Moeller and is located in Moorenweis, Germany.

Moorenweis by Buero Philipp Moeller 01

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Hurlingham Road by De Rosee Sa.

Hurlingham Road is a renovation project completed in 2013 by De Rosee Sa and is located in London, England, UK.

Hurlingham Road by De Rosee Sa 01

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Joyce & Jeroen House renovation by Personal Architecture.

Personal Architecture has overhauled a traditional townhouse in The Hague, Netherlands by adding mezzanine floors, a glass elevation, a triple-height kitchen and a spiral staircase.

Joyce & Jeroen House renovation by Personal Architecture 01

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